Acoustic Leak Detection

Repair Your Leak Fast Using Acoustic Leak Detection

When a pressurized pipe leaks, a vibration occurs at the leak location and then propagates along the length of the pipe. As the vibration travels further away from the source of the leak, it begins to diminish. Historically, it was difficult to determine the source of a leak with these types of pipes. However, by utilizing acoustic leak detection, this process can be significantly accelerated and simplified. This can result in more rapid repair times and less water loss.

At Leak Detection Pros, we have a team of plumbers who are adept at locating and repairing leaks of all types. We will quickly locate and repair your leak using the most advanced acoustic leak detection equipment. Our repairs are of the highest quality, and our service is unmatched. If you’re having trouble locating a leak, contact the experts at Leak Detection Pros today and inquire about our acoustic leak detection service.

Our Plumbers Are Equipped with the Latest Acoustic Leak Detection Equipment.

What Are the Different Types of Microphones in Use?

There are numerous types of microphones available for use in leak detection. Diagnostic microphones are extremely sensitive, capable of picking up on the tiniest vibrations.

They can determine if the leak is concealed behind a wall, beneath a paved surface such as a driveway, or elsewhere on the property. They are effective for residential, commercial, and even fire service properties. They are capable of locating leaks in walls, ceilings, and floors.

Additionally, ground microphones that are even more sensitive than diagnostic microphones are available. They generate detailed readings that the expert can use to pinpoint the leak’s source. Several of these microphones come with specialized attachments for use with various surfaces.

What Is the Benefit of Acoustic Leak Detection?

Historically, finding the source of a leak often required digging up a large area or tearing out a large section of floor or wall. With acoustic leak detection, the leak can be pinpointed and less of the wall as well as the ground or other surface must be removed to complete the repair.

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