Bathroom Leak Detection

There are numerous indicators that your bathroom may have a water leak. Reduced water pressure, a lack of hot water, higher-than-average water bills, moist walls, and a continual sound of running or leaking water are just a few symptoms that something is wrong, and pinpointing the specific root of the problem can be difficult.

Because of this complexity, Leak Detection Pros provides bathroom leak testing services.

Internal leaks in the bathroom can cause major damage, mostly because they are difficult to identify.

Bathroom Problems That Could Be the Result of Water Damage

The following signs can be due to a serious water leak:

Broken Floor Tile

Although a shattered tile may appear to be an aesthetic issue, it is frequently a symptom of water damage. Water can infiltrate or seep into the structural sections of the home since the tiles are no longer shielding the subflooring or walls.

Open Shower Door

A shower door that won’t close completely could indicate an interior water leak. The shower will expand as a result of the damage, and the door will no longer fit.

Moulded Grout and Caulk

A leak in the shower or bath can cause mold on the grout and caulk. Mold grows quickly as a result of the persistent dampness, leaving your bath looking black and mouldy.

If you see any of these issues, don’t wait to schedule a leak detection service with one of our skilled plumbers. On any faults discovered during the bathroom leak testing, we can provide a free and affordable quote.

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