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Think you have a leak? Call Leak Detection Pros Sunninghill. We Locate & Repair All Leaks. Leak Detection for Homes, Pools, Complexes.

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Commercial and Industrial

Our Leak Detection Services

Our leak detection teams are qualified plumbers ready to assist you with finding and repairing any water leaks at home or work in Sunninghill and its surrounds. We specialize in diagnosing the leak no matter how big or small and then providing you with the best solution to repair the leak. 

You can be assured that all our teams are trained leak detection experts using the most effective equipment available.

We can locate and repair your water leak no matter the size, we offer the following services in Sunninghill

  • Commercial Leak Detection
  • Water Loss Control
  • Pipeline Tracing
  • Leak Alerts / Data Logging
  • Residential Leak Detection

We will detect a leak regardless of where it is- in your walls, under your driveways!


Household Leak Detection

Suspect a water leak in your house? Turn off all running water in and outside your home, your next stop will be the water metre. If the dial on the metre is still moving, there is still a flow of water, which means you have a water leak.

Call today for a quick response and repair of your household water leaks.

Our teams are in and around Sunninghill and can assist in finding and repairing your leak efficiently and professionally.

Commercial and Industrial

Our teams not only specialize in household leaks but also commercial and industrial leak detection. We are able to detect any type of leak in malls, hotels, warehouses, factories, workshops, office buildings and much more. Our equipment and team of professionals are ready in and around Johannesburg to locate and repair your commercial or industrial leak.

Flats and Complexes

We specialize in finding leaks in flats and complexes, no matter how big or small. We have experience working with body corporates and are able to save you thousands of Rands in water bills. Detecting a leak in a complex may be challenging for some but our team of professionals are well equipped to find and repair your complex leak in no time.


Swimming Pool Leak Detection

It can be tricky identifying whether you have a leak in your pool or whether the loss of water is due to evaporation. Evaporation does cause your pool to lose water, the amount will vary depending on the season and climate you live in, but if you are finding yourself filling your pool every week, there may be a potential leak.
There are signs to look out for when suspecting a pool leak:

  • The ground is wet in areas around the pool
  • The pool has cracks or holes
  • The pool paving is starting to lift or sink
  • Air bubbles at the inlet

Same-day leak detection in Sunninghill

Based in Sunninghill or surrounding areas you can get a leak-detection to help you same day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the leak detection will vary according to the type, size and where the leak is situated. An hourly cost will include identifying the leak as well as the location of the leak, this price will exclude the leak repair which will be quoted on after the leak is identified. 

  • Swimming pool leak detection – R 1450.00 including callout and first hour
  • Domestic leak detection – R 1450.00 including callout and first hour
  • Repairs to burst pipes underground and in walls – R 1750.00


These prices exclude remedial work such as tiling, concrete and paving. 

  • Commercial – R 4750.00 plus gas @R 1400.00/bottle
  • Industrial – half day R 4750.00 plus 2 bottles of gas R 2800.00 @ R1400.00/bottle
  • Industrial – full day R 9500.00 plus 3 bottles of gas R 4200.00 @ R1400.00/bottle
  • Townhouse complexes – half-day R 4750.00 plus 2 bottles of gas R2800 @ R1400.00/bottle
  • Townhouse complexes – full day R 9500.00 plus 3 bottles of gas R 4200.00 @ R1400.00/bottle
  • Business parks – half day R4750.00 plus 2 bottles of gas R 2800.00 @ R1400.00/bottle
  • Business parks – full day R 9500.00 plus 3 bottles of gas R 4200.00 @ R 1400.00/bottle
  • Blocks of flats/high rise buildings – R 3950.00 plus gas @R 1400/bottle
  • Smallholdings – R 2850.00 plus gas @R 1400.00/bottle


Please note all rates are subject to change and area, these rates will need to be confirmed before we commit to the job.

There are a few signs to look for when suspecting a water leak, these include:

  • Your water bill has increased drastically without reason
  • Moisture or damp on your walls, floors or driveways
  • Your pipes or taps are making a hissing sound
  • Your water meter does not stop running, even when all taps are closed
  • Low water pressure

During a leak detection call out, our teams will travel to the site of the leak, evaluate the problem, use our specialised equipment to identify where the leak is and repair the leak. The site visit price will exclude the repair which will be quoted for separately.

In order to locate the water leak accurately, we use a variety of quality acoustic and gas leak detection equipment, this includes leak correlators, flow logging and thermal imaging cameras.

  • CCTV Leak Detection Cameras – These cameras are used to inspect the condition of the storm-water and drainage systems.
  • Thermal Imaging Thermal cameras are able to see 30mm to 40mm into walls and can trace hot water lines.
  • Data Logging Enables us to monitor and measure your water loss, daily reports can be generated with consumption readings to detect early leaks.
  • Pipe Location is used when locating pipes on the outside of the building which are galvanized.
  • Sonde to detect where the break or block in your system is. Sonde is also used to track the drainage and storm-water systems and how they are running.
  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound assists in locating leaks by identifying loud areas on piping systems.
  • High Pressure Jetting is used by our team to clear blockages.
  • Gas Location – Our teams use gas location equipment in addition to ultrasound when clients have noticed an increase in their water bill. This technique is very accurate in finding leaks.

Most insurance companies do cover water leak repairs. The owner of the insurance policy will need to follow up with the insurance company to make sure whether their leak will be covered and what the terms and conditions are.

*Same-day Response